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A sports bar, coffe shop, Dylan's Candy and social club (without alcohol).
Game room with traditional games like ping pong and air hockey, video games and VR.


Israel related and other traditional Jewish education opportunities
Special projects, programs and classes based on the interests of members.


Mentorship by leaders & experienced professionals in many industries.
Opportunity to be a college ambassador to Solomon after high school.


12 Reasons to Join Solomon

  1. The Solomon House provides a community where teens can develop strong leadership skills.
  2. The Solomon House provides college accredited courses that will make every student an ideal candidate for the institution of their choice.
  3. The Solomon House provides access to an upscale lounge / cafe, comprising a safe environment for teens to make friends and study.
  4. The Solomon House provides teens with the opportunity to volunteer as a big brother, or big sister to children of special needs. Teaching them values that will last a lifetime.
  5. The Solomon House provides access to a state of the art library with computer stations.
  6. The Solomon House provides a complimentary high-tech and conventional game room, which includes VR, ping pong and more.
  7. The Solomon House provides guest business superstars in each industry, from finance to real estate and more.
  8. The Solomon House provides shark tank and business ideation sessions to teens, helping them develop entrepreneurial skills.
  9. The Solomon House provides students with young Jewish professional mentors.
  10. The Solomon House provides teens and families with the chance to support youth from divorced homes by creating a community they can count on.
  11. The Solomon House provides parents of teens the opportunity to bond and share their successes and challenges.
  12. The Solomon House provides an ambassador to represent each ivy league school, who is available to help prep students for admission into their desired university.

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